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Find the side effectsIndian Express 10 August 2009. kw- health policy, sanitation, NREGA.
The good news on exports you didn't know,Financial Express 6 August. kw- seasonally adjusted exports.
RBI has got to do it Financial Express 3 August. kw- demand contraction, investment, exports, government spending.
Wait, watch the uncertaintyIndian Express 27 July 2009. kw- demand contraction, investment, monetary policy.
Investment trends at the state levelIndian Express 7 July 2009. kw- CAPEX, state level investment.
The free fertiliser solution,Financial Express , 26 June 2009. kw- monsoon, free fertiliser, irrigation.
Keep the rupee rolling,Financial Express , 22 June 2009. kw- Capital inflows, exchange rate policy.
The GST of it,Financial Express , 13 June 2009. kw- Goods and Services Tax.
Set the campus freeIndian Express 2 June 2009. kw- higher education, university ranking.
Mind that debtIndian Express 25 May 2009. kw- expenditure, fiscal deficit, debt GDP ratio.
What you must not do, ministers,Financial Express 23 May 2009. kw- government schemes, delivery of public goods, SSA.
The flexibility bonus,Financial Express 11 May 2009. kw- exports in yuan, China, India, yuan, rupee exchange rates.
Dated data, poor policy,Financial Express 21 April 2009. kw- inflation, year-on-year, month-on-month, monetary policy.
Retail therapyIndian Express 20 April 2009. kw- sudden stop, outflow of capital.
India in the Great Recession,Financial Express 15 April 2009. kw- slowdown, investment ratio, private corporate investment, economic reform.
Now there are twentyIndian Express 4 April 2009. kw- G20, international financial supervision, protectionism, IMF reforms.
Recipe for investment shortfallFinancial Express 16 March 2009. kw- consumption ratio, investment ratio, public investment, private corporate investment, household investment.
Twenty parts to a rescueIndian Express 14 March 2009. kw- G20, international financial supervision, protectionism, IMF reforms.
Sunlight on the ledgerIndian Express 20 February 2009. kw- fiscal deficit, debt management office(DMO).
When up is down Financial Express 9 February 2009. kw- inflation, year-on-year, month-on-month, deflation.
Give them creditIndian Express 9 February 2009. kw- FSAP, Financial sector assessment programme.
Governor's choiceIndian Express 23 January 2009. kw- credit policy, interest rates.
State of the blackboardIndian Express 13 January 2009. kw- right to education.
Capital ideasIndian Express 5 January 2009. kw- NRI funds, private equity, corporate bonds.


Global economy: unknown to known,Financial Express 22 December 2008. kw- Uncertainty, liquidity.
The fiscal and the meta-fiscalIndian Express 8 December. kw- fiscal stimulus and fiscal space.
Foreign institutional investors Financial Express 24 November 2008. kw- stock market crash, fii net sales.
Keep the money movingIndian Express 17 November. kw- fiscal expansion, NREGS, infrastructure.
Clear as liquidIndian Express 4 November. kw- RBI package, credibility, transparency,
The world is what it isIndian Express 21 October. kw- global crisis, next step, solvency crisis, liquidity crisis.
Let the rupee beIndian Express 13 October. kw- global crisis, liquidity crunch, rupee depreciation.
An agenda for difficult timesIndian Express 30 September. kw- reduce capital controls, liquidity crunch.
Hope it will floatIndian Express 8 September. kw- rupee float, exports, imports, currency futures.
It's turbulent, Dr Subbrao Financial Express 2 September 2008. kw- RBI governor, financial sector reform.
The Thursday syndromeIndian Express 21 August 2008. kw- seasonally adjusted inflation rate, monetary policy.
Pricing the rupeeIndian Express 28 July 2008. kw- monetary policy, currency pegging.
In the balance Financial Express 8 July 2008. kw- balance of payments, capital inflows .
Central bank misrulesIndian Express 3 July 2008. kw- macroeconomic mismangament, monetary policy.
Shoot inflation, spare growth,Financial Express 21 June 2008. kw- industrial slowdown, monetary policy.
What price peopleIndian Express 13 June 2008. kw- inflation, MSS bonds.
In the number soupIndian Express 2 June 2008. kw- inflation report.
Engineering inflationIndian Express 31 May 2008. kw- exchange rate pass-through, inflation.
Transmission impossible,Financial Express 16 May 2008. kw- Raghram Rajan Committee, inflation-targeting.
China does not show the wayIndian Express 15 May 2008. kw- democracy, sterilised intervention, inflation.
The nineties nightmareIndian Express 6 May 2008. kw- rising interest rates, CRR, credit growth, industrial slowdown.
RBI's 79 page misreading,Financial Express 30 April 2008. kw- credit poicy, sterilised intervention.
Let the rupee climbIndian Express 21 April 2008. kw- inflation, foreign exchange intervention.
Unmade in America Financial Express 21 April 2008. kw- credit policy, inconsistent monetary policy framework.
Redraft the policy framework,Financial Express 8 April 2008. kw- Raghuram Rajan report on financial sector reforms.
A capital ideaIndian Express 8 April 2008. kw- capital controls, Q3 2007-08 Balance of Payments.
How RBI imported high pricesIndian Express 4 April 2008. kw- inflation, rupee depreciation, RBI intervention.
And Bihar still does not get itIndian Express 28 March 2008. kw- capex investment, per capita investment in states.
Engineering of the rupeeIndian Express 12 March 2008. kw- rupee depreciation, RBI intervention.
Time to either cut or run,Financial Express 6 March 2008. kw- GDP growth, IIP growth, interest rates.
The Plan expenditure fixation,Financial Express 29 February 2008. kw- revenue expenditure, capital expenditure, plan expenditure, non-plan expenditure.
No free lunches hereIndian Express 28 February 2008. kw- fiscal deficits, interest payments.
Understatement is not a virtueIndian Express 26 February 2008. kw- fiscal transparency, true fiscal deficit, oil bonds, food bonds, fertilizer bonds.
Home is where the dollar goesIndian Express 14 February 2008. kw- remittances, interest differentials, net capital flows.
Bankers without bordersIndian Express 9 February 2008. kw- monetary policy framework, capital flows.
How to be ordinaryIndian Express 29 January 2008. kw- countercylical policy, credit policy.
Fewer degrees of freedom,Financial Express 29 January 2008. kw- credit policy, slowdown, capital inflows, capital surge, interest differentials.
And we all fall downIndian Express 22 January 2008. kw- Fed rate cuts, stock market.
Cut rates nowIndian Express 17 January 2008. kw- IIP, slowdown, capital inflows, capital surge, interest differentials.
Do capital controls work?Indian Express 7 January 2008. kw- Balance of payments, capital inflows, capital surge, other capital flows.


The case for cutting rates,Financial Express 28 December 2007. kw - Repo and reverse repo rate cut, capital controls, rupee appreciation.
RBI must do a FedIndian Express 14 December 2007. kw - Fed rate cut, capital controls, rupee appreciation.
Global rebalancing,Financial Express 30 November 2007. kw - US slowdown, Chinese macroeconomic policies.
Oiling the economyIndian Express 26 November 2007. kw - crude oil prices, oil at hundred, rupee appreciation.
Aam aadmi in the hot seatIndian Express 16 November 2007. kw - CPI, WPI, inflation, money supply, rupee appreciation.
Surge and the rupeeIndian Express 6 November 2007. kw - rupee appreciation, RBI intervention, one way bet.
The fuss about credit policyIndian Express 30 October 2007. kw - credit policy, sterilized intervention.
Nothing durable about it,Financial Express 25 October 2007. kw - CPI consumer durables, basket.
Dangers of a one-way betIndian Express 23 October 2007. kw - banning participatory notes, fii inflows, rbi intervention.
Go with the flowIndian Express 18 October 2007. kw - banning participatory notes, capital account convertibility.
Figure of nineIndian Express 11 October 2007. kw - US recession, Indian exports of goods and services.
India's growth prospects Financial Express 27 September 2007. kw - medium term growth in India, investment, labour supply.
The not so good news on inflationIndian Express 26 September 2007. kw - inflation, CPI, WPI, cost of living.
Fed in or fade outIndian Express 21 September 2007. kw - stock market, US Fed rate cut.
Haryana hurricaneIndian Express 19 September 2007. kw - CAPEX data, states, investment, projects under implementation.
What has the rupee got to do with it?Indian Express 7 September 2007. kw - exports, REER.
Taxing times, good timesIndian Express 22 August 2007. kw - tax revenue, corporate taxes.
The fear indexIndian Express 22 August 2007. kw - housing, US subprime market.
Comparing monetary policies,Financial Express 23 August 2007. kw - India, China, currency, interest rates.
Subprime mindsetIndian Express 18 August 2007. kw - housing, US subprime market.
Dollar doldrumsIndian Express 6 August 2007. kw - currency policy, monetary policy, sterlised intervention.
Grand ideas and gritty detail,Financial Express 5 August 2007. kw - N K Singh, Politics of Change: A Ringside View
How is your risk appetite today?Indian Express 2 August 2007. kw - US subprime market.
Policy without frameworkIndian Express 27 July 2007. kw - repo rate, reverse repo rate, LAF.
India's untenable currency policy,Financial Express 26 July 2007. kw - rupee, pegged exchage rate.
Let us waste 0.5 percent of GDPIndian Express 18 July 2007. kw - export sops, rupee appreciation.
The Mistry report mystery,Financial Express 29 June 2007. kw - Mumbai, International Financial Centre, MIFC.
Some house truthsIndian Express 8 June 2007. kw - housing market, real estate bubble.
Get real about the impossible trinity,Financial Express 24 May 2007. kw - ECB.
Poor Distribution SystemIndian Express 24 May 2007. kw - public distribution system.
The taming of the rupeeIndian Express 10 May 2007. kw - currency policy.
Making monetary policy more effective,Financial Express 25 April 2007. kw - credit policy.
Monetary mix-upIndian Express 2 April 2007. kw - monetary policy, sterlised intervention.
Quiet trouble in West Bengal,Financial Express 28 March 2007. kw - West Bengal state budget.
Only 3.5 percent mattersIndian Express 28 March 2007. kw - banking regulation
A fresh mandate for RBIIndian Express 20 March 2007. kw - monetary policy, interest rates, REER, export growth.
Percentage gameIndian Express 12 March 2007. kw - Taylor rule, interest rates, inflation.
Growth story in volatile timesIndian Express 9 March 2007. kw - India growth, US business cycles, housing market.
PC delivers politically correctIndian Express 1 March 2007. kw - Budget 2007, fiscal deficit, inflation, GST.
Fiscal tightening must do its partIndian Express 21 February 2007. kw - Petrol, diesel, inflation, fiscal deficit, government expenditure.
Taking an interest in creditIndian Express 2 February 2007. kw - Monetary policy, interest rates, inflation.
Look what's on the menu at NeemranaIndian Express 27 January 2007. kw - Applied economic research in India, NCAER NBER Neemrana conference.
Good intentions need a solid backbone,Financial Express 24 January 2007. kw - budget, expenditure.
Special Zone called IndiaIndian Express 20 January 2007. kw - Special economic zones.
Inflation at 2-year highIndian Express 20 January 2007. kw - inflation, interest rates.
Futures in the marketIndian Express 6 January 2007. kw - commodity futures.
Inflationary pressure may up interest ratesIndian Express 2 January 2007. kw - inflation, real interest rates.
GDP growth in 2007Indian Express 1 January 2007. kw - GDP growth.


Infrastructure: theirs and oursIndian Express 22 December 2006. kw - rural infrastructure report, NCAER.
Combination lock to recombination unlock,Financial Express 26 December 2006. kw - banking, China, India.
Really, consumer is queenIndian Express 16 December 2006. kw - consumption, China, India.
Trickle down economics is good for healthIndian Express 24 November 2006. kw - GDP growth, infant mortality, public health services.
Hindi Chini FTAIndian Express 22 November 2006. kw - India China FTA.
The man who helped millions escape poverty,Financial Express 21 November 2006. kw - Milton Friedman.
Micro ScopeIndian Express 11 November 2006. kw - Microfinance, India, SHGs.
Four per cent tipsIndian Express 11 November 2006. kw - Inflation, Central banking.
Trust and television,Financial Express 7 November 2006. kw - trust, television, social capital.
New path or alleywayIndian Express 26 October 2006. kw - NHAI, Model Concession Agreement.
Don't loosen the purse strings,Financial Express 10 October 2006. kw - GDP growth, FRBM.
To sustain GDP growthIndian Express 30 September 2006. kw - GDP growth.
Just where is the world economy headedIndian Express 24 October 2006. kw - US GDP growth, housing, business cycles.
China should worry about its high savings,Financial Express 26 September 2006. kw - Savings rate.
India China hype?Indian Express 23 September 2006. kw - IMF-World Bank Annual meetings, RBI, capital account covertibility, CAC-2.
The inevitability of capital account convertibilityIndian Express 19 September 2006. kw - IMF-World Bank Annual meetings, India, China, currency flexibility, RBI, capital account covertibility, CAC-2.
FDI lessons from ChinaIndian Express 18 September 2006. kw - IMF-World Bank Annual meetings, FDI in China, SEZ.
The future of the World Bank in IndiaIndian Express 17 September 2006. kw - IMF-World Bank Annual meetings, World Bank, failed states.
World Bank report slams India on governanceIndian Express 16 September 2006. kw - IMF-World Bank Annual meetings, Governance Indicators.
The India China storyIndian Express 15 September 2006. kw - IMF-World Bank Annual meetings, India, China, growth.
Explained: Regional Trade AgreementsIndian Express 15 September 2006. kw - regional trade agreements.
Paisa wise, Rupee foolishIndian Express 4 September 2006. kw - RBI, capital account covertibility, CAC-2.
Chidambaram vs AhluwaliaFinancial Express 29 August 2006. kw - FRBM, social sector spending.
How to solve the RBI problemIndian Express 22 August 2006. kw - RBI, monetary policy, banking regulator.
Eleventh approach to the same plan?Indian Express 15 August 2006. kw - eleventh plan, public health, education vouchers.
Taming the cycle,Financial Express 15 August 2006. kw - GDP volatility, countercylical policy, RBI, monetary policy.
How the plot thickensIndian Express 2 August 2006. kw - land acqusition, eminent domain, SEZ.
The importance of being fiscally responsible,Financial Express 1 August 2006. kw - FRBM, current account deficits, default.
The high risks in high deficitsIndian Express 27 July 2006. kw - FRBM, inflation, current account deficit.
First payoff to structural pension reformIndian Express 22 July 2006. kw - Sixth Pay Commission, New Pension System.
Economic growth best antidote to poverty,Financial Express 18 July 2006. kw - South Asia, poverty, growth.
As Buddha tries to put house in order, VS courts fiscal irresponsibilityIndian Express 10 July 2006. kw - State budgets, Kerala, West Bengal.
India's ailing public health services,Financial Express 4 July 2006. kw - Eleventh plan approach paper.
End of DistressIndian Express 1 July 2006. kw - farmer suicides, agricultural policy.
To fund welfareIndian Express 24 June 2006. kw - disinvestment.
Bad Economics ZonesIndian Express 21 June 2006. kw - FRBM, SEZs.
Looking for a better consumer price index,Financial Express 20 June 2006. kw - WPI, CPI, inflation measures.
Taxes by the litreIndian Express 13 June 2006. kw - petroleum taxes.
The destabilizing foreign hand Financial Express 6 June 2006. kw - FIIs, stock markets.
Two years of the UPA: The good, the bad and the ugly May 2006. kw - Economic policy of UPA.
What Arjun should focus onIndian Express 16 May 2006. kw - Education, SSA.
The fall of stock markets: A global story,Financial Express 23 May 2006. kw - stock markets, inflation, interest rates.
Licence Raj in EducationIndian Express 21 May 2006. kw - education, permits, licences.
Why Amma worries, Buddha doesn'tIndian Express 10 May 2006. kw - State elections, growth rates.
Growth, poverty and employment in states,Financial Express 9 May 2006. kw - poverty, employment, convergence, states.
Employment exchangesIndian Express 3 May 2006. kw - employment exchanges.
Cleaning up the IPO marketIndian Express 2 May 2006. kw - SEBI, IPO.
Monsoon forecastIndian Express 26 April 2006. kw - Monsoon, business cycles, GDP.
Managing expectations Financial Express , 25 April 2006. kw - monetary policy, expectations.
Needed, a deep and liquid bond market,Financial Express 11 April 2006. kw - debt market, bonds.
Impact of SBI strikeIndian Express 7 April 2006. kw - SBI, deposits, cheques, ATMs.
RBI: Red Brigade of IndiaIndian Express 30 March 2006. kw - capital account convertibility, RBI.
The euphoria over savings rate,Financial Express 28 March 2006. kw - savings, investment, current account, public savings.
Gained in Translation on capital account convertibilityIndian Express 23 March 2006. kw - capital account convertibility.
How provident is this fund?Indian Express 10 March 2006. kw - excluded provident funds, EPFO.
Budget 2006Indian Express March 1, 2006. kw - Budget 2006.
State of the fiscal UnionIndian Express 27 February 2006. kw - budget speech.
More funds for secondary level, but can the government spent it well?Indian Express 16 February 2006. kw - secondary education.
A future of their ownIndian Express 3 February, 2006. kw - tiger conservation, tribal bill.
Why FM won't remove India Inc's FBT headache 12 January, 2006. kw - fringe benefit tax, income tax.
Whose policy is it anyway? 28 January, 2006. kw - RBI, interest rate, hike.
Fate worse than jail for Telgi 19 January, 2006. kw - stamp paper, scam.
Listen, Mr Chidambaram 12 January, 2006. kw - tax exemption, budget.


DTH: Direct from government? 28 December, 2005. kw - cable TV.
Subsidy on icecream, anyone? 9 December, 2005. kw - EPF, interest rate.
Who killed Manjunath? 28 November, 2005.
Bihar reloaded. Hope Floats in a Basket Case 23 November, 2005. kw - Laloo, Nitish Kumar.
Dangers - Bharat Nirman 20 November, 2005. kw - infrastructure, highways.
Gained in Translation. Ben Bernanke 4 November, 2005. kw - Fed Chairman, Alan Greenspan.
India, single national market 26 October, 2005. kw - Kelkar, VAT, GST.
The English language and India's working population 14 October, 2005. kw - globalisation.
A driving licence in 50 minutes and all legal 11 October, 2005.
What is wrong with exisiting pension schemes and how the NPS offers a better deal? 8 October, 2005. kw - civil servants, EPFO, EPS.
ABC of stock market manipulation 1 October, 2005. kw - stock price, speculation.
An immature market economy 23 September, 2005. kw - stock market.
Car import racket 17 September, 2005. kw - car, customs, duties.
Which Loss Making PSUs should be sold and how 15 September, 2005. kw - PSUs, Privatisation.
Outcome budget 3 September, 2005. kw - outcome budget, spending.
A cost benefit analysis of saving the tiger 25 August, 2005. kw - project tiger.
EGA: The best anti-poverty programme or the biggest scam? 19 August, 2005. kw - Employment Guarantee Act.
Restrictions on capital inflows 17 August, 2005. kw - foreign capital, inflows.
The revaluation of the Chinese yuan and the implications for India 1 August 2005. kw - China, currency.
A power less exotic 27 July, 2005. kw - Nuclear energy
Dispelling the Spookes about Nukes 25 July, 2005. kw - Nuclear energy
Responding to global warming 8 July, 2005. kw - Kyoto Protocol , global warming.
Turn the clock back 7 July, 2005. kw - IDA, FERA, MRTP.
Will interest rates go up?,Financial Express 4 July, 2005. kw - monetary policy, interest rates.
Sensex up,but not the sentiment 11 June, 2005. kw - stock prices,P/E ratio
Close down redundant ministries,Financial Express 6 June, 2005. kw - ministry, commerce, steel.
The mystery of capital 30 May, 2005. kw - SEBI, UBS.
On the common man's credit 6 May, 2005. kw - Saving Deposit.
Evidence on trade union and EPF membership 5 May, 2005. kw - trade union members, EPF rate.
States join queue for new pension, but Bill hangs 2 May, 2005. kw - New Pension Scheme.
Don't be shy about FII 28 April, 2005. kw - FII.
It takes too long to start business in India, longer than in the region 27 April, 2005. kw - World Bank Study.
First savings survey shows majority have no retirement nest egg 27 April, 2005. kw - Pensions.
How the Left pensioned off the aam admi 25 April, 2005. kw - Pensions bill.
Get young Indians to pay for old Europeans 11 April, 2005. kw - OECD countries, income tax.
Please, will you step into my parlour?,Financial Express 11 April, 2005. kw - OECD countries.
Fear of floating 21 March, 2005. kw - Exchange Rate.
For successful pension regulation,Financial Express 14 March, 2005. kw - Pension.
Some Cheer In These Taxing Times 1 March, 2005. kw - Budget, tax.
Finding the money for a social conscience 28 February, 2005. kw - Budget 2005.
Long-term strategy for Budget 2005 ,Financial Express , 28 February, 2005. kw - Budget 2005.
Let the iron rooster take wing 26 February, 2005. kw - Railway Budget.
Look beyond General stereotypes 23 February, 2005. kw - Budget, Pakistan.
No gimmicks, please 20 February, 2005. kw - Budget, Taxes.
Here's to Budget 2005 12 February, 2005. kw - Budget, Tax reforms.
Market takes a stand on Sebi chair (with Gautam Cikarmane), 29 january, 2005. kw - SEBI.
Learning from MayurbhanjCutting deficits 21 January, 2005. kw - EGA.
Oh VAT a lovely tax 19 January, 2005. kw - VAT, Budget.
VAT's the good word for Budget 2005 ,Financial Express , 17 January, 2005. kw - VAT.
From India on move, a reverse signal 13 January, 2005. kw - RBI, FII.
From supercyclone, Orissa has seven tips for Black Sunday relief 7 January, 2005. kw - Tsunami, relief.
Here, food for work does mean food & work 2 January, 2005. kw - Employment Guarantee Act


Reserving all judgement 20 December, 2004. kw - Private Sector, RBI.
Have accountability in forex management ,Financial Express , 20 December, 2004. kw - Forex reserve, RBI.
Day of declining dollar 18 December, 2004. kw - Currency, RBI.
Dollars dollars everywhere but not very much to buy (Part-II) 1 December, 2004. kw - Foreign Exchange Reserves.
Reserving currency to go shopping abroad (Part-I) 29 November, 2004. kw - Foreign Exchange Reserves.
When oil and oil don't mix 22 November, 2004. kw - PSU, Banks, Merger.
Public Sector capitalism 10 November, 2004. kw - PSU, Ministries.
Oil the economy's problems 6 November, 2004. kw - Crude Oil.
Monetary policy: Make the process open,Financial Express 25 October, 2004. kw - Credit policy, Repo rate.
RBI's pride, India's dilemma 25 October, 2004. kw - Forex Reserves, RBI.
Confessions of a recent Linux convert 18 October, 2004. kw - Linux, Operating System.
Govt can reap Rs 79,000-cr harvest, Left won't mind 6 October, 2004. kw - Disinvestment.
Bad examples of India abroad 5 October, 2004. kw - Export.
Kelkar's one-stop solution for fiscal woes (with Rahul Pathak), 3 October, 2004. kw - Goods & Services Tax.
Kelkar has a parting shot: Reforms should begin at home, in Finance Ministry (with Rahul Pathak), 1 October, 2004. kw - Kelkar, Taxes.
It is pointless to fake exports Financial Express 30 September, 2004. kw - Exports, Exchange Rate.
Strike one for privatisation 22 September, 2004. kw - Privatisation, PSU Banks.
Beware of lazy banker 20 September, 2004. kw - Interset Rate, Bonds, Risk.
Five minutes to understanding CRR 19 September, 2004. kw - Cash Reserve Ratio.
As Indians age fast, get ready for more pensioners, more tax burden 19 September 2004. kw - EPFO.
A run for your bank 16 September, 2004. kw - PSU Banks, NPA.
The bank's a private matter 15 September, 2004. kw - PSU Banks, Privatisation.
No one's talking of this hole in Govt's pension poceket: Rs. 17,500 crore 9 September,2004. kw - Provident Fund.
Extend The civil servants' pension scheme to the poor Financial Express 8 September, 2004. kw - Pension, EPFO.
There's a hole in the bucket 8 September 2004. kw - Provident Fund.
The animal spirits of the new entrepreneur 30 August 2004. kw - Public Sector, Private Sector.
Your guide to share and bonds 24 August 2004. kw - Shares & Bonds.
Stock market: basics 21 August 2004. kw - Stock Market.
Lost in interest (with Navika Kumar), 18 August 2004. kw -Provident Fund, Civil Servants Pension.
Cess in a cesspool 13 August 2004. kw - Education Expenditure, Education Vouchers, Enrolment, Drop Out Rates, CMP.
But consumers aren't complaining 13 August 2004. kw - Inflation, CPI, WPI.
Drought proofing India 9 August 2004. kw - Business Cycles in India, Monsoon Cycles.
Inflation 7 August 2004. kw - Inflation.
Depreciation rates and India Inc's taxes 6 August 2004. kw - Kelkar Task Force.
Troubled by trade 1 August 2004. kw - Book Review, Globalisation, Jagdish Bhagwati.
High stakes for service tax 29 July 2004. kw - GDP, VAT.
Brave new world for exporters 28 July 2004. kw - Custom Rate, VAT.
Tax buoyancy: Devils in the details 27 July 2004. kw - Tax Buoyancy, GDP.
Tax revolution way to zero deficit, Govt told 24 July 2004. kw - VAT, Tax.
7 steps to preventing EPF abuse 20 July 2004. kw -Provident Fund, Interest Rate, Tax Rebate.
Turn over this tax 19 July 2004. kw - Stock Markets, Turnover Tax.
Chidambaram's budget lacks vision for refrorms,Financial Express 9 July 2004. kw - Financial Budget 2004-05, GDP.
He s banking on 24% hike in tax revenue, question: will that happen? 9 July 2004. kw - Optimistic Revenue Projections. kw - Financial Budget 2004-05.
Tuning in to FM, his budget 8 July, 2004. kw - Budget.
The ABC of EPFO 8 July, 2004. kw - EPFO.
Railway budget 7 July 2004. kw - Railway Budget, 2004-05.
Food Policy 2 July 2004. kw - Cereals, Non-cereals.
What Next On Interest Rates Financial Express 25 June 2004. kw - Interset Rate, GDP.
VAT 24 June, 2004. kw - VAT. 2004, Business Standard
Cutting deficits 16 June 2004. kw - fiscal deficit, budget, taxes,Keynesian policies.
Riding the cycle 2 June 2004. kw - business cycles in India, monsoon cycles, exports, investment.
Is the stock market a barometer of the economyThe Times of India, 23 May 2004. kw - stock markets, economic performance.
Its the market, stupid 19 May 2004. kw - election, left, stock markets, investment, Black Monday.
The USD quagmire 5 May 2004. kw - Forex reverves of China and Japan, US economy.
A change in course? 7 April 2004. kw - currency regime, exchange rate volatility, central banks that lie.
Looking beyond Mr. Joshi 17 Mar 2004. kw - higher education.
Dining with the devil 3 Mar 2004. kw - currency policy, sterilised intervention, reverse speculative attack.
Feeding an elephant 18 Feb 2004. kw - currency policy, sterilised intervention, quasi-fical costs, monetary stabilization fund.
Outsourcing is an old story with new critics,
The Asian Wall Street Journal 13-15 Feb 2004. kw - outsourcing, protectionism.
Fiscal implications of the DA merger
The Economic Times 9 Feb 2004. kw - DA merger, fiscal impact.
Fiscal Consolidation 5 Feb 2004. kw - fiscal deficit, anti-cyclical fiscal policy.
What next with GDP growth? 21 Jan 2004. kw - sustainability of GDP growth, investment.
RBI tries to hang on 7 Jan 2004. kw - currency policy, sterilised intervention, reverse speculative attack.


Feel bad factor 17 Dec 2003. kw - Fiscal deficit, public goods.
Getting governance right 1 Dec 2003. kw - Governance, public goods.
Back to the 1970s 19 Nov 2003. kw - ECB guidelines, capital inflows, inspector raj.
8 percent tariff for 8 percent growth 5 Nov 2003. kw - custom duties, reserves, capital inflows.
Trade deficit: Boon or bane? 15 Oct 2003. kw - current account deficit, development strategy, capital export.
Outlook for credit policy 1 Oct 2003. kw - credit policy, interest rates.
Quasi-fiscal costs 17 Sept 2003. kw - sterilized intervention, currency regime, monetary policy.
Dr Jalan's dilemmas 2 Sept 2003. kw - currency regime, open capital account, impossible trinity.
Should ECB norms be relaxed Economic Times, 20 August 2003. kw - capital inflows, interest rates, currency regime.
Lazy bankers 13 August 2003. kw - yield curve, interest rate risk, credit monitoring.
What next at RBI 30 July 2003. kw - Y. V. Reddy, currency regime, capital inflows.
Creative Destruction 16 July 2003. kw - PCO/STD booths, labour market flexibility.
A change in course? 1 July 2003. kw - currency regime, sterilized intervention, floating exchange rate.
Book review: Seeking Social Justice through Globalization by Gavin Kitching International Studies, Volume 40, No.3, July-September 2003, kw- globalization of financial markets, gains from trade.
No rate cut 18 June 2003. kw - exchange rate regime, interest rate differentials.
What next on interest rates? 4 June 2003. kw - currency volatility, interest rate volatility.
Enter the dragon? 14 May 2003. kw - India's trade with China and Hong Kong.
The visible hand 30 April 2003. kw - review of Saving capitalism from the capitalists , by Raghuram Rajan and Luigi Zingales.
Making Indian banks safer 16 April 2003. kw - banks, interest rate derivatives, interest rate risk, interest rate futures launch.
Higher oil prices? 2 April 2003. kw - iraq war, India's vulnerability to higher oil prices.
Contractionary Fiscal policy 19 March 2003. kw - budget, fiscal policy.
The silver lining? 5 March 2003. kw - pension proposals in the budget .
Which ministries should get the axe? 29 January 2003. kw - public expenditure, public goods, fiscal constraints.
How safe are Indian banks? 15 January 2003. kw - banks, interest rate risk.
Who will pay for local services? 1 January 2003. kw - local government, public spending, taxes.
Interest rate risk in Indian banks January 2003, moneycontrol.com, kw - interest rate risk, banks.
Signs of revival: Evidence from imports January 2003, moneycontrol.com, kw - growth in imports.


Political economy of interest rates 18 December 2002. kw - saving, tax exemptions, market distortions.
Reserves as insurance: Money Back or Life? 4 December 2002. kw - foreign exchange reserves, reserves management, investment.
Bill Gates: Friend or Foe? 20 November 2002. kw - Microsoft, free software, monopoly.
Is the rupee undervalued 7 November 2002. kw - currency, real exchange rate, productivity.
Run up to the credit policy 17 October 2002. kw - credit policy, interest rates, crr, saving rate.
Why they think we are junk 2 October 2002. kw - India credit rating, rupee debt, fiscal adjustment.
Fiscal impact of bail-outs 4 September 2002. kw - bail-out, financial institutions, UTI, NPA .
Drought Management 7 August 2002. kw - rainfall, drought, gdp growth projections .
Can the Indian economy grow at 8 per cent? 21 July 2002 The Times of India . kw - growth, investment.
The road ahead for the new FM 3 July 2002. kw - corruption, excise duties, expenditure.
Special Group vs Task Force 5 June 2002. kw - employment, labour laws .
Book review: Economics of Chance, 18 May 2002. Outlook . kw - Book review of Glimpses of Indian Economic Policy - An insider by I. G. Patel.
Has the bank rate bottomed out 8 May 2002. kw - interest rates.
An embarrassment of riches 10 April 2002. kw - foreign exchange reserves, reserve adequacy.
Is the Budget milking the salaried class dry 17 March 2002. The Times of India . kw - Income tax, tax incentives, provident fund.
Zoellick versus Bush 13 March 2002. kw - steel industry, protection, US trade policy .
Horses for courses 20 February 2002. kw - tax exemptions, Shome committee, Reddy committee.
Heads in the sand 8 February 2002. kw - Real exchange rate, REER, currency, exchange rate management.
Consumer key to growth 02 February 2002 The Times of India . kw - Income tax,tax incentives, provident fund, consumer demand.
When a leopard changes spots 23 January 2002. kw - Report on Currency and Finance, inflation, growth.
Book Review: A job half done 14 January 2002. kw - Book review of Development and Finance by M. Narasimham .
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