how to get from Новосибирск Толмачево airport (OVB) to the Новосибирск apartment of Thomas Krichel

airport bus
Гостиница «Новосибирск»
If you feel suicidal, accept the offer of a ride from one of the cab drivers. If not, read on.
There is a междугородний (domestic) and a международный (international) terminal. But they are next to each other. So whether you arrive at one or the other does matter, you walk out of the building and you see the other.
There used to a bus 808 that goes from the airport directly to Akademgorodok. It is no longer operating. Therefore you have to go through town.
The safest, but not the least expensive, way to reach town is to take the special airport bus to the main train station Новосибирск - Главная. It has the number 111, but that number may not be displayed on the vehicle. I think the airport own the bus service. It has the right to park right in front of the domestic terminal. You can recognise it by its large luggage compartments. Other busses don't have these.
bus 1209
The first picture shows such a bus at the location of its departure to the airport, at Площадь Гарина-Михайловского, basically the square in front of the train station. I am not sure where precisely it arrives, but it should be somewhere on the main station square.
On the square, pay attention to the building of the Гостиница «Новосибирск», as seen on the second picture. Take a position so that you are standing looking at the building with a view of the large label “Гостиница Новосибирск Hotel” from the other side of the street running in front of the side of the hotel building. If you see the hotel slightly to your right, you should be very close to a place where you can see a sign for the bus 1209, as seen on the third picture. This is the bus you need to take. It is very clearly marked "М/Ж Родники Цветной Проезд". You take it to the last stop, Цветной Проезд (colourful lane). The journey will take at least 60 minutes but should not take more than 75 minutes unless traffic is congested. When you get to the Цветной Проезд bus stop, you follow these directions.