how to get from the Цветной Проезд bus stop to the Новосибирск apartment of Thomas Krichel

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It is tempting to think that the Цветной Проезд bus stop is in Цветной Проезд, the street where Thomas lives. This is wrong. It can’t be that simple. Instead, the bus stop is at the corner between Улица Жемчужная and Весенний Проезд. Улица Жемчужная (pearl street) is a two-lane street that roughly slopes down Northwards. Весенний Проезд (spring street) is the flat street with only one lane, that runs towards the East.
In the first picture Thomas shows the position where the bus arrives. In In the second picture Thomas shows how you get out of the bus. There you face the 24-hour shop Весенний. You turn left as Thomas shows in the third picture. In the fourth pictureThomas has taken a few steps forward. He is showing you the Улица Жемчужная. This is the street that the bus runs down at when it approaches the Цветной Проезд bus stop. There, all buildings are on the East side of the street. Улица Жемчужная is not the street you must take. Instead, as Thomas shows in the fifth picture you have to turn left into Весенний Проезд. In the sixth picture, we have a fine view of Thomas pointing into the street.
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Since Spring is a short season in Siberia, the street is quite short, I think there are only three buildings in it. All buildings are on the South side of the street. The first building you will meet on Весенний Проезд has the number 4. It is four storeys high. You can find the number plate on the building. Thomas has found it and shows it to you on the seventh picture. The next building has the number 4a. It is five storeys high. Again there is a number plate, that Thomas shows in the eighth picture. Continue to walk along the side of the building as Thomas does on the ninth picture At the end you see a path going first half-right. It then swings to a fully perpendicular position to Весенний Проезд. Thomas points into this path on the tenth picture. On the eleventh picture, he has gone a little further and he spots the target building Цветной Проезд 27, at the opposite side of a square opening up. On the twelfth picture, he has gone even further along that path and the building is quite clearly visible, despite the fact that it is green. Please note that you should not take the colour of buildings as an orientation, because the buildings may be repainted and Thomas may not bother to update the pictures on this page. On the thirteenth picture Thomas is walking across the square towards the apartment. It is on the right of the building.
On the fourteenth picture Thomas points to the apartment from ground. It is the North-West corner apartment on the first floor of the building. As seen on the fifteenth picture the entry door is marked “Подъезд №4 кв.49-64”, meaning “Staircase #4, apt.49-64”. As seen on the sixteenth picture, the number is clearly marked at the very same corner where the apartment is. On the seventeenth picture demonstrates the use of the door key. If you don't have a key, you either make a stupid face, like Thomas demonstrate on on the eighteenth picture. Or you shout “Thomas!”. Thomas, who should be expecting you, will hopefully appear on his balcony, as shown on the nineteenth picture. For the last picture Bert Wendland took the 20th picture, Bert Wendland took the air picture of Akademgorodok and added the way to walk just as I have described it here. It may be sufficient just to print out that picture and have it with you. Желаю удачи!
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