The original cataloging assignment for LIS512


Original cataloging, as we look at it in LIS512, means creating a MARC record fill in accordance to the Anglo-American cataloging rules version 2, AACR2.
The rules are not freely available. All we have is the copy of the concise AACR2 as typed by Yu Liu and Thomas Krichel. This is what we are working with.

The process

First, you need to document that you did not find a record for the item in a copy-cataloging source that would be available to us. As a minimum, you need check the Z39.50 targets in the class’ koha installation. Make a note of the queries you did for the documentation.
Second, and more importantly, you proceed to do your own description and set it out in MARC into koha. Since the AACR2 don’t reference MARC, there are, for better or worse, various ways in which this can be accomplished.
The guiding principles are the concise AACR2. The rules expressed in that document are very clear. What is less clear are three things. The first is if/how the rules are applicable to the item at hand. Two, in which MARC field to record what. Three, what to do about the punctuation. The latter is particularly controversial.
In screen 0, you need to change the leader, the 003 field, and the 008 field. For the documentation, dissect the values of the leader and the 008 field. Record any changes that you have made and check if the contents applies to your item.
On screen 1, you need to create at least one main entry. You need to create the corresponding authority. To do this you need to use the "authorites" entry in the main koha menu. There you build your authority. Refer to the next section.
On screens 2–5, you have the description. Follow AARC2 rules 0 to 11 to complete the description. For every area of the description, start a new subsection in your documentation. If you don’t fill in anything under an area, note why this is not appropriate for the item at hand.

Building the authority

To make a heading, you need to have an authority record. To build the authority record required you either have to copy it from the Library of Congress, or you have to make your own one. Don't make your own one unless you are very sure you can not copy a relevant record.
To make your own record, follow the instructions in the concise AARC2.

Item level record

Once you have saved a bibliographic record, you are invited to produce physical item level records for it. Since our catalog does not represent physical item, just make sure the imaginary item is in your library branch. Other details are up to you.

The documentation

The documentation should be short, about two pages, three pages maximum.
The documentation should have an appendix that shows the sources of information. If applicable, use photocopies. If you can't photocopy make pictures, and send the pictures to me.
First make a broad description of the item. Include the features that you think a patron would think of who would be interested in the item. We have to make sure that the record includes those.

A plea for help

If you find any mistake in the copy of the concise AACR2 as kindly let me know.

Written by Thomas Krichel, last updated 2010‒11‒24.

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