house rules for visitors to the NYC apartment of Thomas Krichel

  1. All visitors must obey the house rules.
  2. You are required to keep the noise level as low as possible.
  3. No smoking is permitted at any time.
  4. Keep all food in tight containers or in the fridge. Otherwise, you will have mice and roaches galore!
  5. Do not take a bath. If water escapes through the upper hole in the tub, it will not go into a tub but sink right into the ceiling of the downstairs' neighbour, who will not be amused.
  6. When using a bicycle, only enter and leave the building through the basement door, never through the front door.
  7. If you find the futon(s) without a cover, cover them with one of the black covers that will be on prominent display in the apartment. Thomas was to lazy to do that for you.
  8. The usage of the phone for long distance calls is prohibited. If you wish to place a long distance call, please purchase a telephone card or use one that you find in the apartment. If you wish to purchase a card, there is a shop at corner of 74 Street and 37 Ave. with a bearded Indian guy who sells the $20 New York alliance for $16.
  9. Water the plants if they are dry.
  10. Garbage is to be disposed in the shoot on the floor. Paper has to be put in the square box. Bottles and can are to be disposed of in the round recycling can.
  11. You may use the stereo equipment.
  12. You may use the computer running Microsoft windows. Please do not delete files on that machine. Use the special function and F8 keys to switch to display on the large external screen only. This will significantly enhance the quality of display.
  13. Internet is available via cable. Note that the line to the cable modem may not be stable, the cable modem may switch itself off when being moved. There is a router with RJ-45 cables for Ethernet. Once you have connected your ethernet cable to the router, you can launch a dhcp client.
  14. The Linux machine in the closet, called fasolt, is not to be disconnected, is to kept switched on and not be used.
  15. Under no circumstances switch off the cable modem or the router.
  16. Note that there is no gas and no air conditioning available in the apartment.
  17. If you wish to give a gift, purchase a house plant.