how to get from "Jackson Hts Roosevelt Av/74St--Broadway" station to the NYC flat of Thomas Krichel

There is a seven-minutes foot walk that separates the station from my home. Unfortunately, some visitors get lost in this final stage. Yet, with a bit of attention, it should not be too difficult.

Please note that this station combines two stations. "Roosevelt Avenue Jackson Heights", sometimes also refereed to as "Jackson Heights Roosevelt Avenue", is the underground part of the station. Here all trains on the lines E, F, R and M stop. "74 St Broadway" is the over ground part of the station. There all local trains of the line 7 stop.

You can see the location of the station on the map on the right. On the map that is below that, you see where you want to go. Note that both maps are centered on a different spot.

If you are in the over ground part, please descend to street level. There you will see Roosevelt Avenue. It is the road that the over ground train follows. You will therefore see the train on top of the avenue, provided you are looking at Roosevelt Avenue. Turn into Roosevelt Avenue. At this stage it is difficult for me to say if you have to go left or right.


If you are in the underground part of the station, go up one level of stairs. Now you are in a large rectangular hall. I suggest you walk to one end of the hall. This is one labelled "75St Broadway" or "75St Bway". There you see some revolving doors. When you are beyond the revolving doors, take the exit to your left. When you get on the ground level, you will immediately spot the number 7 subway line about 50 meters in front of you. It runs over ground on the top of Roosevelt Avenue. If you can not see a street covered by a train line, ask the local where Roosevelt Avenue is. Once you have reached Roosevelt Avenue, turn right into Roosevelt Avenue.

Irrespectively of whether you came from over ground or from underground, you should now be walking on Roosevelt. Notice that the numbers of the streets are going up, from 75 to 76 etc. Stop to turn left into 78th Street. Please do not turn right, that will lead you to the hospital. Fortunately, that is the wrong way.

Cross 37th and 35th Avenue, and Number 34-20 will be found on the left side. Ring at apartment 3D. Don't get confused by the doorbell saying that "Armagan" lives there.

Good luck!


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