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The syllabus for LIS690 is common to all section of the class. It is described the part A of the appendix to the student handbook.

This page just has complementary information for the section of Summer 2009 at CW Post.


Thomas Krichel
Palmer School of Library and Information Science
C.W. Post Campus of Long Island University
720 Northern Boulevard
Brookville, NY 11548–1300
work phone: +1–(516)299–2843
skype: thomaskrichel

General Procedures

Between 12 May and 22 August 2009, I am in my Summer home. Therefore I am conducting most of the internship online. Between 19 June and 29 June I will be almost completely offline.

While I am online, I think we can conduct all the normal business of an intership class. However this does not mean that all business will be asynchronous. The meetings will be held by teleconference.

The forms

I am making the forms available in MS Word form, rather than in print only as I understand is customary in the Palmer School. Please don't change the wording of the form, just fill in your answers.

The learning contract

The learning contract needs to be completed by you and the site and forwarded to me. You may want to hand your learning contract to me, by email, before the site supervisor has signed it. Once the site supervisor has signed the contract, leave it in the Palmer School office for me or mail it to

Thomas Krichel
34-20 78 Street Apt. 3D
Jackson Heights, NY 11372–2572

The handbook insists you discussing the learning contract with your faculty advisor. Note that this is (most likely) not me. I am your internship instructor. If you don't know who your faculty advisor is please ask Rosemary Chu at Rosemary dot Chu at liu dot edu.

The supervisor's evaluation

This needs to be completed and signed by the supervisor and sent to me c/o of the Palmer office. I am happy to discuss aspects of your work with your supervisor at at any time.

The student's evaluation

This needs to be completed by you and sent to the Palmer School office.

The Internship information sheet

This needs to be sent to Laurie . Murphy at liu . edu.

Other documentation

If you want to blog about your experience at the internship, or build some web pages related to it, contact me, I can host such things on my server and can help you get started.


As required by the internship handbook, there need to be three meetings. I have spread the meetings over different days. So if one weekday is tough for you you can move to another weekday.

The first meeting was held on Tuesday June 2 2009.

The second meeting will be held on Wednesday July 15.

The last meeting will be held on Monday August 31. At that time, I am already back in NYC.

All meetings are held between 18:00 and 20:00 EDT. Sessions will be recorded. A copy of the record will be made available on this site. You may make confidential remarks about your internship in any email to me at any time.

At the time of the last meeting, Monday August 31, I will be back in NYC. It may be that we will hold a physical meeting at that time. It really depends on the experience of the previous meetings.

Meeting organization

Meetings will be conducted either via Skype (preferable) or via a normal telephone. Please let me know, before the first meeting that you want to attend, your Skype name and/or phone number. If you give me your Skype name, your phone number is not required.

If I have your Skype name, I will subscribe as a contact for the user thomaskrichel and krichel_lecture. You do not need to accept the invitations from both if you do not want to. Accepting the invitation from krichel_lecture is sufficient. That user will stay online to receive these invitations. But it should not be used to call me. It's function is to run the the class.

If you are using Skype, you will see krichel_lecture will come about 15 minutes before the start of the meeting. Do not call. Wait for me to gather the members of the call and call you. If you have an urgent request during the meeting, you can open a chat to my Skype account.

If you are using the phone, you will hear the phone ring at about five minutes before the meeting, hopefully. Don't be confused by the cacophony coming from everybody coming online. We will take it from there.

I will not call you before a prior written agreement you, but you may call me at any time. Calls will normally be recorded.

Meeting topics

During the every meeting students address three questions.

  1. What am I doing during the internship?
  2. What am I learning during the internship?
  3. How can the Palmer School curriculum be improved to help me do what is required from me during the internship?

Each student should lead the discussion for about 5 minutes. Then others should comment. Each student need to take the lead just once in the three meetings.

If you find it difficult to talk coherently for 5 minutes without a set of powerpoint slides, you are in good company. I find it difficult myself. So you can send me your slides in advance, I will make them available on the course site or link to some other site where you may have stored them. But I need the slides one day in advance.

If students are interested in this option, they can have a discussion about their CV and potential job prospects. If a student wishes to discuss their CV they should send it advance of the session so that I can put up a copy of the CV on a temporary web site that will appear about After the meeting is over, all CVs will be deleted from the temporary site.

Mailing list

There is a mailing list for the interns All students are encouraged to subscribe. Communication regarding this section will be copied to the mailing list.


This is a pass/fail course. Usually students pass.

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