LIS650 final web site rubric

Palmer School Learning Objective assessed
Students will build information systems and/or records used in such systems.
Create a web site on a specific information topic
validation of XHTML on site
no warning and errors
some errors
repeated errors from different sources of validation
a lot of errors
all different with good summary of content
all different with mostly good summary
all different with lousy summary of content
some are the same, some may be missing
links to the homepage
consistent linking to home page
all pages link to home page, but not consistently
some pages don't link to homepage or some pages link to themselve
problems witih homepage links and self-links
informative clear and concise
some writing is hard to understand
some happy talk and/or marketese
a lot of it
limited font changes
some font family changes
gratuitous changes
ransom note appearance
page layout
pages consistently laid out
pages consistently laid out, but some weird thing
pages are inconsistently laid out
pages are confusingly laid out
content chunking
contents is well distributed
one page covers two topics
several pages cover several topic
poor page chunking
horizontal adaptability
special attention to adaptability
some attention, but not as much as special attention
no attention to adaptability
table layout
document talk
a little, where it appears tough to avoid
careless use
seemingly purposfully a lot
aging material, potential for tense rot
in one place, or in the same place on many pages
in different pages
in different pages, with tense change
text in image
in one place, or in the same place on many pages
in different pages,
in many place without meaningful alt

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