The use of koha for LIS512


As an integral part of the course, we are using the koha open source integrated library system. When you want to find out more about it, make sure you do not use the web site Use instead.
koha has two interfaces, a staff interface and patron interface. It would cost the university nothing to create two domains, one for each interface. My request to get two domain names to run koha on has been denied by LIU's information technology department. Therefore it is difficult for me to install both staff and patron interfaces. As a result, only the staff interface is available.


Access to the koha installation is at
If you want to look at the mySQL database table that koha uses, go to wotan's phpmyadmin. Use the user name “lis512” with the password “512lis”. At the next screen, follow the right-hand side link to “koha”. When you are fininshed, plesae press the exit button at the top right.


In the first quiz, you submit two parameters. First, there is your secret word. It is used for grade delivery. It is also used as the password for your login into koha. Second, there is the library short name. This is a code that is used as the identifier of your branch, and as the login to koha.
At the beginning of our use of koha, I ran an installation script. This creates two things for each of you.

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