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बैंकों को भी राहत चाहिए, कर्ज लेने वालों का भला करते रहने से क्रेडिट ग्रोथ पर बुरा असर पड़ेगा,The Print 16 October 2020
Banks need relief too, helping only borrowers will hamper next round of credit growth,The Print 16 October 2020
RBI projects rebound - Is Indian economy turning the corner?,The Print 9 October 2020
भारत में Inflation पर नियंत्रण कामयाब हुआ है, ये Modi सरकार की बड़ी उपलब्धि है,The Print 2 October 2020
Inflation targeting has worked for India, it is one of Modi govt’s defining achievements,The Print 2 October 2020
End the domination of public sector banks, not simply recapitalise them. That’s true reform,The Print 26 September 2020
प्याज़ का export रोकने से किसान को नुकसान होगा और भारत की छवि बिगड़ेगी,The Print 18 September 2020
Onion export ban is not the answer — it hurts farmers & India’s image as a reliable exporter,The Print 18 September 2020
Centre और state के बीच GST विवाद, किसके उधार का economy को होगा फायदा,The Print 11 September 2020
Centre vs states GST row doesn't matter. What matters is reviving economy & a borrowing plan,The Print 11 September 2020
भारत के tax revenue पर दिख रहा covid का असर, सरकार को फिर अपने खर्च पर सोचना होगा,The Print 4 September 2020
India’s fiscal crisis can only get worse as tax revenue is seen dropping 12.5% in 2020-21,The Print 4 September 2020
सरकार की वित्तीय हालत कमजोर, fiscal deficit का लक्ष्य भूल पारदर्शी बने सरकार,The Print 28 August 2020
Govt finances deteriorating. Postpone fiscal deficit goals, make economics more transparent,The Print 28 August 2020
राष्ट्रीय डिजिटल हेल्थ मिशन मरीज़ों के लिए अच्छा कदम पर इस डेटा की सुरक्षा चिंता का विषय,The Print 21 August 2020
India needs a digital health mission. But it also needs data privacy law to ensure it works,The Print 21 August 2020
Why loan restructuring is a welcome move from RBI, and what govt now needs to do for borrowers,The Print 14 August 2020
कोविड से निपटने के लिए भारत सरकार ने आर्थिक सुधार किए, जैसा यूरोप और अमेरिका ने नहीं किया,The Print 31 July 2020
Why India has increased economic freedoms in response to Covid, unlike Europe & US,The Print 13 July 2020
Inflation के बावजूद RBI को ब्याज दर नहीं बढ़ानी चाहिए,The Print 24 July 2020
Higher inflation doesn’t mean RBI’s Monetary Policy Committee should increase interest rates,The Print 24 July 2020
विश्वास और बिक्री बढ़ानी है तो आयुर्वेदिक दवाइयों का हो रेग्युलेशन,The Print 17 July 2020
Why India needs to regulate Ayurveda to win the world market for natural remedies,The Print 17 July 2020
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मोदी सरकार का कोऑपरेटिव बैंकों पर अध्यादेश पीएमसी जैसे घोटाले रोकेगा, निवेशकों को बचाएगा,The Print 10 July 2020
क्या APMC में सुधार से किसानों के दिन फिरेंगे,The Print 3 July 2020
APMC laws had shackled farmers, Modi govt’s ordinance makes them as free as other sectors,The Print 3 July 2020
मोदी सरकार के कॉन्ट्रैक्ट फार्मिंग अध्यादेश से किसानों, खरीदारों और व्यापारियों का होगा फायदा,The Print 26 June 2020
Why Modi govt’s contract farming ordinance is a win-win for farmers, buyers & even traders,The Print 26 June 2020
Modi govt walks the talk on agriculture reforms. Now, fix the loopholes,The Print 19 June 2020
This recession is different & India can bounce back much faster than in the past,The Print 12 June 2020
America में मंदी आ गयी है, इसका India पर कब और कितना असर होगा?,The Print 11 June 2020
Why migrant workers are starting to return to cities & how this can revive economy faster,The Print 5 June 2020
मज़दूरों के वापस शहरों को लौटने से क्या economy जल्दी पटरी पर आयेगी?,The Print 4 June 2020
One nation, many rules – how multiple authorities & chaos they create hurts Indian economy,The Print 29 May 2020
COVID के बढ़ते मामलों और अर्थव्यवस्था के खुलने पर India के सामने क्या चुनौतियां होंगी ?,The Print 28 May 2020
Will RBI rate cut, moratorium extension help Indian economy?,The Print 22 May 2020
The 3 big unknowns that have forced Nirmala Sitharaman to be prudent with economic package,The Print 22 May 2020
क्यों Nirmala Sitharaman का आर्थिक पैकेज विवेकपूर्ण है?,The Print 21 May 2020
How Modi govt’s new reforms help business & boost economy,The Print 17 May 2020
What are implications of Modi govt’s big structural reforms?,The Print 16 May 2020
How will Modi's COVID package help farmers? Is it the much awaited farm reform?,The Print 15 May 2020
How does Modi govt’s stimulus package help migrant workers, street vendors & small farmers?,The Print 14 May 2020
मोदी सरकार का पैकेज भारतीय अर्थव्यवस्था में नई जान फूंकेगा?,The Print 13 May 2020
Can Modi government’s Rs 20 lakh-cr stimulus revive Indian economy?,The Print 13 May 2020
Why India’s rural economy stands to gain after the lockdown is lifted,The Print 8 May 2020
भारत की अर्थव्यवस्था lockdown के बाद,The Print 7 May 2020
Modi govt is being sensible by not announcing a large fiscal package to help revive economy,The Print 1 May 2020
With lockdown exit uncertain, ‘inflation tax’ can help govt care for those without savings,The Print 24 April 2020
India’s young people can be the corona-warriors who’ll put the economy back on track,The Print 17 April 2020
Pay private labs to test for Covid-19, it’s the best way to start India’s economic recovery,The Print 10 April 2020
How India can buck the trend of global recession caused by coronavirus,The Print 3 April 2020
RBI’s mega financial package will work only if Modi govt plans for life after lockdown,The Print 28 March 2020
3 critical steps Modi govt must take to protect people and economy during Covid-19 lockdown,The Print 27 March 2020
Faced with COVID-19, India chose to protect lives, not livelihoods. And that’s a good thing,The Print 20 March 2020
India doesn’t have too many options to deal with economic impact of coronavirus,The Print 13 March 2020
What does the Yes Bank crisis mean for India?,The Print 6 March 2020
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How the LIC mega IPO can also help reform India's larger financial sector,The Print 21 February 2020
How a reform on Modi govt agenda can protect your deposits & keep banks from failing,The Print 14 February 2020
RBI has chosen the easy path, but it won’t solve structural problems in financial sector,The Print 7 February 2020
Nirmala Sitharaman’s Budget has to present credible numbers, and commit to fiscal prudence,The Print 30 January 2020
Here’s what Nirmala Sitharaman can do to boost investor confidence,The Print 25 January 2020
The 4 priorities for Nirmala Sitharaman in Budget 2020,The Print 17 January 2020
5.5% inflation is transitory, it shouldn’t prevent a fiscal boost in Budget 2020,The Print 11 January 2020
To realise NIP worth Rs 102 lakh crore, Modi govt needs Indians to save long-term,The Print 3 January 2020
Why India needs ethical guidelines for social science trials after Abhijit Banerjee Nobel,The Print 27 December 2019
Cutting income tax and raising GST makes no sense. Both need to fall together,The Print 13 December 2019
Smog towers for Delhi pollution are like paracetamol for dengue — won’t cure real disease,The Print 29 November 2019
Tackling onion price rise leads to policy distortions, but it seems nothing will change,The Print 23 November 2019
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Ban culture isn’t working, north India’s air pollution needs many creative solutions,The Print 8 November 2019
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Modi's anti-poverty schemes work. That's why BJP swept the Lok Sabha elections,The Print 26 July 2019
RBI Act needs to be amended to remove ambiguity on surplus flows to govt,The Print 20 July 2019
Borrowing abroad is bold, but India first needs to produce data that lenders can trust,The Print 12 July 2019
Everything you want to know about Budget jargon- in simple English,The Print 4 July 2019
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Interest rate cuts will make a difference only when they’re transmitted down the line,The Print 6 June 2019
The challenges facing India’s new finance minister as economy sees demand slowdown,The Print 30 May 2019
Improved credit growth doesn’t mean there is an improvement in the health of Indian banks,The Print 7 May 2019
Private projects have been declining, and India’s new govt needs to reverse this trend,The Print 17 April 2019
How will Rahul Gandhi fund his education plans?,The Print 2 April 2019
Rahul Gandhi's proposed pro-poor scheme is a palliative,The Print 26 March 2019
Lack of private corporate investment means job market will be tougher,The Print 13 March 2019
In IL"&"FS crisis season, why you should be worried if your PF money is with exempt trust,The Print 7 March 2019
As RBI transfers reserve surplus to Modi govt, it now has to find ways to manage risks,The Print 21 February 2019
Year after historic circular, debate over RBI’s regulation making powers still mired in confusion,The Print 15 February 2019
RBI governor Shaktikanta Das’ first rate cut move is government-friendly, as expected,The Print 7 February 2019
Budget 2019: Main takeaways and Modi’s big game-changers,The Print 1 February 2019

Ask Ila

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I hosted a show focussing on current policy issues on NDTV Profit.

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