Policy with Patnaik

I hosted a show focussing on current policy issues on NDTV Profit.

Raghuram Rajan 4 October, 2008The Raghuram Rajan report
Percy Mistry 11 October, 2008The global financial crisis and India, MIFC report
C Rangarajan 18 October, 2008Lessons for India from the global crisis
Mahesh Vyas 1 November, 2008Investment in India during the global recession
Vijay Kelkar 8 November, 2008Indian fiscal reform
Josh Felman 15 November, 2008Asia and the financial crisis
Urjit Patel 22 November, 2008India in the global crisis
Manish Sabarwal 29 November, 2008Indian labour markets
Suman Bery 6 December, 2008Indian business cycle
Kirit Parikh 13 December, 2008Energy policy
Pronab Sen 20 December, 2008Indian statistical system
Lant Pritchett 27 December, 2008India as a failing state
M. Govinda Rao 13 June, 2009Agenda for fiscal reform
Arvind Subramanian 20 June, 2009Opening up of the Indian capital account
Jeff Hammer 11 July, 2009Indian health system, public vs private goods
Ashok Gulati 18 July, 2009Indian agriculture, price policy, fertiliser subsidy, investment in irrigation, rural roads
Aruna Roy and Nikhil Dey, Part II 1 August, 2009NREGA, RTI, labour market, reforms required.
Pratap Bhanu Mehta 8 August, 2009Higher education, how to make universities work
Raghuram Rajan 15 August, 2009Financial sector reformsafter the global crisis, compensation for bankers, strategy for reform.
Bibek Debroy 22 August, 2009Legal and police reforms.
Lant Pritchett 29 August, 2009Reforms in secondary education.
Gautam Bhardwaj 5 September, 2009Pension reforms.